What I bought in 2010

Portrait Nicolas Lissner

Nicolas Lissner, Manager Investor & Public Relations, Deutsche Euroshop

I bought an art print by the Peruvian photographer Mario Testino to decorate the wall in my new living room. Now I can enjoy the presence of Kate Moss every evening, and so far my girlfriend has tolerated it without complaint.
Portrait Dr. Ludwig Vogel

Dr. Ludwig Vogel, Director of Transaction Management, ECE

For me the purchase of the year was the iPhone that I bought as a present for my wife. She is absolutely thrilled with it, and especially with the internet applications. And my 6-year-old son shares her enthusiasm, because of the games on it. So my purchase has made three people happy.
Portrait Patrick Kiss

Patrick Kiss, Head of Investor & Public Relations, Deutsche EuroShop

At the end of 2010 I bought myself a genuinely consumable item for the office: a crate of Cherry Coke in handy 330 ml cans (depositfree from the Netherlands). Now I can wallow in memories of my youth and emulate the great Warren Buffett. Of course I will add the aluminium cans to the recycling when I’ve finished!
Portrait Andreas Pohl

Andreas Pohl, Member of the Board of Managing Directors, Deutsche Hypothekenbank

Being a passionate biker, I bought a BMW R1200-GS last summer. Unfortunately I have far too little opportunity to go on tours with it and “feel the wind in my hair”.
Portrait Birgit Schäfer

Birgit Schäfer, Secretary to the Executive Board, Deutsche EuroShop

I revamped my balcony – everything is freshly painted and I replaced the balcony furniture and bought new plant containers. Now I’m looking forward to the summer.
Portrait Rolf Bürkl

Rolf Bürkl, Senior Research Consultant Business & Technology, GfK Marktforschung

In autumn 2010 I treated myself to new carving skis (“race carvers”) from Atomic, in the faint hope that they would improve my skiing style a touch.
Portrait Olaf G. Borkers

Olaf G. Borkers, Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche EuroShop

For years my wife and the boys have wanted a cat. This year I caved in. Now we have two: Kleo and Luke. We bought them a scratching post. It looks like a big, black loudspeaker box. (The salesman said “People only buy these at Christmas.”) But the cats prefer to be in the garden and I’m glad the scratching post has now been consigned to the cellar.
Portrait Kirsten Kaiser

Kirsten Kaiser, Head of Accounting, Deutsche EuroShop

I keep upgrading the technical gadgetry I have in my home. The era of the cathode ray tube is over. My new LCD TV from Sony is not only stylish; it is also a super all-rounder.
Portrait Claus-Matthias Böge

Claus-Matthias Böge, Executive Board Spokesman, Deutsche EuroShop

Where shoes are concerned, I like to invest in quality. So after 23 years I bought a new pair of Allen Edmonds shoes and said goodbye to the old ones, even though they were still in perfect condition really.
Portrait Alex Wohlrab

Alex Wohlrab, Illustrator, Alex Wohlrab Illustration

Because I moved house last year, a lot of my purchases fell into the category of “necessary but unglamorous” – unless you’re into washing machines. One exciting acquisition, though, was the Canon 5DMKII camera, which is just brilliant for HD videos as well.

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