10 books about shopping

Window Shopping – Eine Fotogeschichte des Schaufensters
(A photographic history of the shop window)

by Susanne Breuss

This companion publication for the exhibition at Wien Museum (Vienna) from November 2010 to March 2011 is an essay on what shop windows mean to modern consumer and urban culture. The extensive collection of photographs brings together pictures of Vienna’s shop windows and shopping scenes from the 19th century to the present day.

Publisher: Metroverlag, 96 pages, German,
ISBN-10: 3-9930002-5-0, Price: approx. €15.00

Go Shopping!
Warum wir es einfach nicht lass en können
(Why we just can’t stop)

by Eva Tenzer

What drives women to the shoe shops and men to the DIY store – we’ve had our suspicions for some time now: We can’t do anything about our passion for shopping! Evolution is to blame!

Publisher: Gustav Kiepenheuer, 306 pages, German,
ISBN-10: 3-378-01105-X, Price: approx. €19.95

Fair einkaufen – aber wie?
(Buying fairtrade – but how?)
A guide to fairtrade, fashion, money, travel and pleasure

by Martina Hahn and Frank Herrmann

Fairtrade consumption is booming. It represents with a movement that spans almost the entire world and an attitude to life that does not condemn consumption as long as purchases are made with care and consideration. This guide can help everybody consume fairtrade products – ideal for anybody from seasoned experts to newcomers to fairtrade and organic shoppers.

Publisher: Brandes + Apsel, 248 pages, German,
ISBN-10: 3-86099-610-X, Price: approx. €19.90

Shopping and the City

by Lisa Barham

Sassy, youthful entertainment for shopping queens written by one of the industry’s insiders!

Publisher: Blanvalet, 348 pages, German and English,
ISBN-10: 3-442-37245-3, Price: approx. €7.95

Corner Shop

by Roopa Farooki

For years Zaki, a charmer and man-about-town, has kept his family afloat with his little corner shop. Now he finally wants to be free and live out his own dreams. That’s not so easy, though, when his own daughter-in-law yearns to have a passionate affair with him and his 14-year-old grandson has just lost his heart to a girl who is helping out in the shop…

Publisher: Pan (3 Oct 2008), 3355 pages, German,
ISBN-10: 033044364X, Price: approx. €7.99

How to Shop for a Husband: A Consumer Guide to Getting a Great Buy on a Guy

by Janice Lieberman and Bonnie Teller

Janice Lieberman brings her vast shopping expertise and her personal knowledge of the dating marketplace together to tell you how to shop for the most important “purchase” of your life – your spouse. “"How to Shop for a Husband” uses smart shopping principles to formulate rules that will help women select a spouse and “close the deal”. This savvy shopper’s guide provides a checklist all women can use in their hunt for the ultimate bargain, and also highlights potential pitfalls.

Publisher: Griffin, 210 pages, English,
ISBN-10: 0-312-63837-X, Price: approx. €10.99

Not buying it: My year without shopping!

by Judith Levine

Levine talks about the impact her decision to stop shopping has on her daily life, her relationship, her psyche and her wardrobe. It doesn’t take long for problems to start popping up that make it difficult to for her to stick to her experiment. She finds herself the target of sabotage attempts and, more than once, standing at the crossroads before finally surrendering to the sins of commerce. A blunt depiction of the extremely human penchant toward deceiving ourselves. Full of self-mockery and uniquely funny, this is a book for any woman who has ever smuggled shopping bags into her flat.

Publisher: Pocket Books; New edition edition (2 Jan 2007), 286 pages, German and English,
ISBN-10: 1416526838, Price: approx. €9.95

What women want – the global market turns female-friendly

by Paco Underhill

Women shop differently than men. Sound familiar? But the question is why? Paco Underhill, one of the world’s leading marketing gurus and a best-selling author, defines four factors that play a key role in guiding the purchase decisions of female consumers: cleanliness, control, safety and considerateness. These four factors make a brand or service attractive to women but are generally insignificant in men’s purchase decisions. Underhill uses charm and humour to take us on a trip through a global market, which is increasingly being dominated by women, and shows us why they buy what they buy.

Publisher: Simon Schuster, 224 pagess, German and English,
ISBN-10: 1416569952, Price: approx €24.90

The Shopping Experience

by Pasi Falk and Colin Campbell

The last decade has witnessed a clear and steady rise in interest in consumer culture. Many commentators now argue that consumption rather than production is the axis of personal identity and meaningful social action – a standpoint that reverses the traditional view that consumption is an incidental, trivial feature in contemporary culture.

Publisher: Sage, 224 pages, English,
ISBN-10: 0-7619-5067-2, Price: approx. €43.99

Mein erstes Buch vom Einkaufen
(My first book about shopping)

by Norbert Golluch and Dorothea Tust

Readers follow the Lohmann family and learn more about different types of stores. What are “pester products” and what is a typical day like at the supermarket? Where are products stored? This book also contains a vivid, fascinating account of how a product is harvested and the path it follows until it reaches supermarket shelves.

Publisher: Betz Annette, 32 pages, German, Age recommendation: 4-5 years,
ISBN-10: 3-219-11425-3, Price: approx. €12.95

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