Conferences and roadshows 2010

In 2010 Deutsche EuroShop’s Executive Board and Investor Relations team once again sought direct contact with investors at a host of roadshows and conferences. Our aim here is to inform existing shareholders about the company’s current situation and to convince new shareholders of the quality of an investment in our shares.

In turn, these discussions with analysts as well as fund and portfolio managers allow us to gain an understanding of the needs and requirements of the capital market. Many of our discussion partners have known us for many number years. Over time we have therefore developed an extremely close relationship, which means that points of criticism can be discussed openly and constructively. For many institutional investors, regular meetings with a company’s executive board are a prerequisite for investing in that company’s shares.

In 2010 we held countless meetings at roadshows in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Amsterdam, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Dublin, Geneva, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris, Vienna and Zurich.

We also attended conferences in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Amsterdam, London, Nice and Vienna. Besides discussions with investors and company presentations, podium discussions are also sometimes part of the conference programme. At the UBS Global Real Estate Conference, which took place in London from 30 November to 1 December 2010, Claus-Matthias Böge, spokesman for the Executive Board, discussed issues including the future prospects for the European property sector with other executive boards of real estate companies.

All in all we took part in 22 roadshows and participated in 14 capital market conferences last year. During these events we conducted in the region of 350 individual discussions. We also held numerous telephone conferences. These are organised regularly for the publication of the annual and quarterly figures, for example. In addition, we once again welcomed a large number of investors to our offices in Hamburg and also gave them an on-site introduction to our shopping centres as part of property tours during various events.

For 2011 we have once more scheduled a whole host of investor relations activities, spread throughout the year. We aim to use these to continue to cultivate and strengthen our contact with existing and potential investors. An overview of these plans can be found in our financial calendar, with an up-to-date version available on our website

Capital market conference

This is a conference, mainly organised by banks, at which both investors and companies are given the opportunity to hold as many meetings as possible in a day. During individual and group discussions it is possible to deal with questions in detail. Company presentations enable the company to present itself to a wider specialist audience.


A roadshow involves a team, usually consisting of an Executive Board member and an Investor Relations manager of Deutsche EuroShop, travelling together with representatives of the organising bank (such as analysts and client advisors) to a financial centre to visit existing or interested, potential investors in person and inform them about the company’s current development and / or strategy. Investors have the opportunity to meet the management personally and put questions to them. Up to 10 meetings can therefore be held in one city on a single day.

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