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For years now, Deutsche EuroShop has shown itself to be very open to technical innovations and has made active use of these possibilities to provide investors and interested parties with news and additional information on the Company and the markets in which it operates.

Following thorough preparations, we redesigned our website, www.deutscheeuroshop. com, in March 2011. We have adopted a highly interactive, multimedia approach to its content. We have also focused heavily on dialogue, offering ways of contacting us through various social media.

The “Shopping Centers” section contains detailed information on our shopping centers, which can be accessed using an interactive map.

You can find everything to do with our strategy, history, sustainability activities and management in the “Group” section.

“Investor Relations” (IR) remains a key section. Deutsche EuroShop is one of the first companies in Germany to offer an IR blog, which we have named “IR Mall”. The plan is for the blog to become the central information and discussion platform for the IR section.

The website is maintained entirely by Deutsche EuroShop’s communications team, which keeps it constantly up to date.

Our website can be found at


Social Media @ DES

Discuss matters with us in the IR Mall blog: www.deutsche-euroshop.com/IRmall

Become a fan on Facebook: www.facebook.com/euroshop

View our photos on the online at Flickr: www.flickr.com/desag

See our presentations and reports on SlideShare: www.slideshare.net/desag

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Watch our videos on YouTube: www.youtube.com/DeutscheEuroShop

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