Advertising in the centers themselves

Last year, we spent almost our entire modest advertising budget on placing ads on the digital flat screen network of ECE flatmedia. Our “stock market news” was displayed over 40 million times in more than 40 centers (therefore including many centers not belonging to our portfolio) on around 900 flat screens. The format was developed specifically for us, enabling Deutsche EuroShop to present itself effectively in its centers and to offer informative added value to center visitors in a shop environment through information on current stock market trends.

Website with stable hit figures

Website-visitors per month
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Our accessible website enjoyed rising popularity again following a slight downturn in visitor numbers in the previous two years. Our website, which was redesigned in March 2011, can be found at

Media attention still showing a positive trend

Trend in media presence
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Deutsche EuroShop continued to enjoy an increasing media presence. It was primarily business and financial journalists that regularly wrote about our Company. In addition, diverse television channels, radio stations and online publications all devoted reports and interviews to Deutsche EuroShop. The print circulation of these media increased by around 9%, from 28.9 million in the previous year to 31.5 million copies, thereby matching the previous peak level of 2005. The equivalent advertising value through reports in newspapers and magazines fell, however, from around €4.5 million to just under €3.8 million (down 16%).


In addition to share marketing, we also concentrate on further developing and maintaining the Deutsche EuroShop brand. Our goal is to further increase awareness and recognition of the brand. The intention of Deutsche EuroShop is to establish itself as the brand for investments in shopping centers.

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