Readers’ letters

Dear Ms Schäfer,

It must be something quite unique in the history of public companies for a shareholder to be congratulated on his or her birthday. It was a huge surprise for me in any case and I was delighted by this thoughtful gesture.

As I have been the proud owner of a laptop for the last six months, I’m sure you won’t hold it against me if I save myself the walk to the post box and send you my sincere thanks electronically.

Gerda M., Berlin*

Dear Mr Kiss,

Many thanks for sending the EuroShopper. I must pass on my heartiest congratulations on the report as a whole. It is very well done, extremely pleasing on the eye and refreshingly different from the usual annual reports.

Rüdiger Pleus, Managing Director, German Council of Shopping Centers e.V., Ludwigsburg

Dear Mr Böge,

Thank you for sending your 2009 annual report.

As always you have managed to present not only good, sustainable figures, but also a wonderfully refreshing and “charming” annual report. Please accept my highest compliments!

Ulrich Höller, CEO, DIC Asset AG, Frankfurt

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you very much for the information you sent. It would be wonderful if you were able to continue the outstanding reporting that we have seen to date. I feel very well informed about developments at the company. Ultimately, this means that one is happy to participate in the capital increases, as one gets the impression that they are creating added value.

Olaf Krieger, Leipzig*

Dear Mr Böge, Dear Mr Borkers,

Many congratulations on your company’s tenth anniversary. We firmly believe that you can look back with justifiable pride on the history of the company to date.

Approach the next decade with confidence and vigour. We are certain that you will continue to be successful in your actions on the German capital market.

René Parmantier, CEO, Close Brothers Seydler Bank AG

* name and city changed by the editors

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